Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Bar

So here I am…16 years old.  Hi Amy it’s nice to meet you
You with your combat boots and your yellow and black stripe tights
You with your Chicago Bulls jacket, big and black
You with your baggy jeans one day and your Doc Martins the next

Where do you belong?  Where do you fit in?
You shave your head…
You bring him home, him who is a different shade of then your pale white skin
Into your home so your mom stops screaming about
Your fallen beautiful locks of hair

She yells and yells not because the color of his skin
But because of the struggle you have now chosen to wrestle with
Black sheep, stand out, different
All along pure, not touched, making a promise to your King, your Savior
To wait . . . to wait . . . to wait

Hello Amy at 17 . . . walking around standing tall
Proud of fitting in to this group and that group
And don’t forget that group over there
Choir nerd, athlete, Student Council treasurer
Cool kid, studious, rebellious on the inside
Loving your Savior, your Jesus

18 and 19 come and go
No longer pure
Did not wait
Given up
All along dragged down by the haunting feeling
That something is just not right

Why is this bar so low?
Why do you continue to live in this world of darkness
Sin, lust, begging for more and more attention
Why Lord? Why?
Struggling to raise that bar
Struggling to keep that bar raised
He does not want you to live this life
He does not want you to give yourself to those who do not know that the living God, the one and only, the all powerful, the one that defeated death, yes I said the one that died, dead, no life, in the ground, got up after laying there dead for 3 days, got up, yes got up and breathed in the air and LIVED, was ALIVE, that that same living KING is the same KING that lives inside you right now as we speak, as you talk and breath and preach, Jesus, yes Jesus dwells in this body.

The same body you choose to defile
To torture
To give away
To lower the bar so that you might feel loved
Just to be left behind, used, bruised, unclean

So I say to you at 14, 15, 16, 17
Don’t lower the bar
It’s not worth it
Raise that bar for yourself
For your body
For your spirit
For you King

Raise the bar even if your parents don’t
Even if your teachers don’t
Even if your friends don’t
Even if you girlfriends or boyfriends don’t
Even if the people you look up to don’t
Raise the bar and wait
Because your King is there inside you waiting too


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