Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Tomorrow is my friend Tracey's birthday.
Happy birthday Tracey!!!!

She's the best. My best friend!

Friends since 1989 . . . or 1990. It's been so long, who could remember!!!???!!!

We didn't like each other at first. At all!

She was the new tough chick from public school.
I was the old chick; never been to public school!

What brought us together? BasketballJ! The love of the game, actually our coach forced us to be partners. We both cringed when we had to practice together. After two hours sweating, running, practicing, trusting, and laughing we were inseparable.

We soon were known on the court as AT&T (Amy Trouwborst & Tracey). We bought matching black high top sneakers (when everyone else had white). Under our uniforms-- Tracey always had a black t-shirt on, I always had a white t-shirt on. We always warmed up before our games with our uniform shirts off, tucked in our shorts. We thought we were the sh*T. Ok so we were!!!

Raw Chocolate chip cookie dough! One day before practice Tracey and I had the bright idea of to walk to the local WaWa, buy a tube of raw cookie dough and eat the entire thing. We then went to basketball practice and ran for 2 hours straight, including suicides!!!! Let's just say it ended with Tracey and I standing over a toilet bowl puking our guts up! Good times, Good Times!

Sports then framed our friendship. We played Soccer, Basketball, and Softball during our high school years.

Tracey's mom asked my mom if she could stay with us while their bathroom was redone. 1 weekend turned into like 3 months!
Tracey and I loved being roommates!

I did her science fair project for her on A.I.D.S. (Hope Ms. Gaskins isn't reading this!) I also wrote a lot of her papers for her! Hey I loved the girl what could I say!

We spent every weekend together, either her at my house or me at her house.

I taught her how to drive around a circleJ!

I "watched" her and her little brother Jack while her mother went to Florida for a week! I'm only 10 months older than Tracey, why did our parent's ever agree to that!!!!! We were good, angelic really!

We shared a boyfriend! Yes, Tracey gave me permission to date her ex-boyfriend! We lasted like a week, we were really more best friends then boyfriend-girlfriend. Then Tracey and the guy got back together!!!! Talk about best friends!

She was the first person I called when I found out I was pregnant with Rayne. She drove 8 hours with my sister to see me and comfort me.

She was there when I found out I was pregnant with autumn. I took the p-test in her bathroom. When the result showed up I said, "Oh thank God Tracey, It's negative!" Tracey then said, "Um, Amy . . . . Look again!" It was indeed positive. I think I was in denial!!!!

I was there when Tracey's doctor told her, "Tracey, I know you are 33 weeks but we have to take the baby now."

I drove her to the hospital where they induced labor. I was there when Julia was born . . . I cried like a baby, sobbed, hysterical. She was beautiful . . . all 5 pounds of her!!!!
Tracey and Julia were at the hospital 10 months later when I gave birth to Autumn!

Autumn and Julia have been best friends since day one!!!!

Best friends who have daughters as best friends.

Really God is so great and knows what he is doing!

Julia has the kindest heart and never, ever loses patience with Autumn! I love her as much as I love her mother!

What has kept us together for 20+ years? Our faith. We share a heart for Christ.

Our friendship has not been perfect. We have had bumps in the road. We have had to learn a lot about each other. We have had to forgive and ask forgiveness. We have had to grow and mature.

Today we go to the same church . . . what a blessing that is!

We pray for one another. We encourage one another. We support one another. And we never, ever judge one another. We can tell each other anything . . . I mean ANYTHING and we still love, support, and try to guide one another.

I love you Tracey Ann Fernandez with all my heart!!!

Happy birthday! We are officially the same age!!!!!!!!!!

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