Saturday, February 26, 2011


"Getting treasures by a lying tongue is the fleeting fantasy of those who seek death." 
Proverbs 21:6

My friend Tracey and I have been talking about truth lately.  It's been really eye opening to see how much untruth and manipulation can come out of your mouth if you don't make a conscious effort to be truthful.  

Tracey and I don't consider ourselves liars but God is reveling to both of us, at the same time, that the way we deal with our personal relationships could be healthier.  We are learning to be truth tellers and truth seekers.
Manipulation falls into the category of untruth.  You say something to someone to make them feel guilty or to get what you want.  

Manipulation is a lot of times harder to see or at least it's a lot harder for me to see.  I am easily manipulated.  I see the good in all people.  I forgive easily, and trust even easier.  It takes someone close to me to do it over and over again for me to finally see it and then put up my walls so I won't get hurt again.  

Manipulation is a part of my past.  I am so much healthier now and getting even healthier.   God has been revealing things to me and helping me realize that the healthiest thing you can do for your self and the ones you love is tell the truth.  If we are truthful then our relationships will be truthful.  Why would you want a relationship that was based on manipulation and well lies?  It would not be real now would it?  At this point in my life I don't want anything that is not real.  I WANT REAL.

So yesterday when I was about to text something untrue to a friend to make him jealous I waited for a minute and thought, "Amy why would you want him to feel jealous based on something that is not even true?"  So I didn't text it, and you know what?  I got an even better result out of being truthful, this friend and I ended up having the best conversation out of the blue.

It's hard telling the truth all the time.  But God says lying leads to death.  I totally believe that.  I have had at least two very close friendships end because of lying.  Very sad, but very real, and very unnecessary if only truth were involved.

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