Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teens and Dating

 I LOVE the show Parenthood!!!  It was on last night and I can relate to so many story lines!!!!  Not to mention they are drawing attention to Autism (one of the children on the show has Autism).  He is doing an excellent job portraying what a child deals with who is diagnosed with Autism.  The family dynamics are great and the show started out with the family not knowing about Autism so it takes you down the road from the beginning.  I laugh every week because a lot of quirks the kid has my Autumn has as well. 
 Oh Haddie and Alex!!!!!  Haddie is 16, Alex is 19, he is on his own and they want to date.  Haddie's parents forbid her to see him, she saw him anyway.  She ends up moving out . . . then back in . . .her parents finally let her see Alex on their terms.  Fellow blogger Courtney asked me if I think Haddie and Alex should be able to date?  Well do I have an answer for you!  In fact I had to make the exact same decision that Haddie's parents had to make . . . I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!

Meet my real life Haddie and Alex . . . Rayne and John. 
 Rayne (my daughter) wanted to start dating John last February (can't believe it's been a year!).  Rayne was 16 (juuuuuust 16) and John was . . . gulp . . . 19!!!!!  Rayne was a Sophomore in High School, John was a Freshman in college!!!!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!

I flipped out.  I couldn't believe it.  My baby, my little girl wanted to date a college student . . . a man . . . an adult!!!!  I had a choice to make.  Forbid her to see him, or choose to get to know him. 

With great agony I decided to let her date him.  I came up with all these crazy contracts for her to sign, it was bad, really bad.  The contracts never got signed and I chilled out.  What I did require is that John had to spend time at our house, they couldn't just go out in his car all the time.  She was also required to be home on time, all the time. 

It has been 1 full year now and Rayne and John are still together.  She is now 17 and he is now 20.  And guess what?  I LOVE HIM!!!  He is a really good kid.  He goes to school full-time, works full-time, and treats my daughter with love and respect.  He is family oriented and has made Rayne more family oriented which is a huge blessing. 

It hasn't been perfect and Rayne and I still battle things out about her relationship at times but I love that we can be open and honest about everything. 

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