Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 years later . . . your walk matters.

Last night I reconnected with an old school mate from 9th grade.   He found me on Facebook.  It was really good to talk to him.  We also dated :) in 9th grade, for a very short time.  We were good friends and over the years I have always wondered how he was doing.

He said some pretty nice things to me.  He mentioned that my FAITH had always stood out to him, that my faith was always real.

WOW!  What  a compliment. 

He was one of the cool kids in school.  He actually came in 9th grade and never finished, he was expelled (hence the reason why I liked him, you know the who bad boy image).  Because we "went out" for such a short time I always thought something was wrong with me.  I was too fat, I was too ugly, I wasn't cool enough. 

Hearing from him gives me a whole new perspective.  Maybe our faith in God and the way we live really does matter more then looks and things of this world.  Although I appear to be confident on the outside, on the inside I struggle with lack of self esteem, depression, and feelings of just not being good enough.

Now over 20 years later I hear from a guy who thought I was great.  Who learned from my example.  Who thinks of me now and says, "Amy you were one cool chick".  It had nothing to do with my weight, or my looks, or how "cool" I was.  It had to do with my faith.

God takes care of us. 

He knew I needed to hear this.  He knew I just began my way back to weight loss and that I am struggling with being "good enough". 

God is amazing.  Really. 

P.S.  I'm on day 3 of my reset!!!  Total loss 4.6 pounds! YIPPEE!!!!!!

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