Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Meltdown

Structure is what makes most children with Autism's life managable. 

So how do you handle the weekend with a child who needs structure? 

Really weekends are unstructured. 

No wake up time.
No set time lines for meals.
Activities vary week to week.
And on the lazy weekends, when nothing is planned, there are
H-O-U-R-S of unstructured time.

So come 7:00pm on Sunday night (tonight) all this unstructured time was just too much for Autumn.
She had a major meltdown.

a hyperventilating,
throw everything on the floor,
snot flinging,
mouth drooling,
"I can't calm down!"

As soon as her meltdown began and I knew she wasn't going to snap out of it on her own I sent her to her room.  Well I had to walk her to her room.  It is there the majority of her meltdown occurred.  I told her I would tuck her into bed once she calmed down.  I continued to put things away in my room and soon realized Autumn could not calm down by herself. 

She needed deep pressure. 
I put her blankets on her, including her 20 lb. weighted blanket and then laid on top of her. 
Talk about deep pressure!
Within in 60 seconds it worked.  She had completely calmed down.
I gave her a kiss and said what we always say to each other,
"See you in the morning!"

I learn something new every day, and today I learned I must structure our weekends if I want peace.

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