Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Coola-Doula!

I love childbirth.

I love babies.

I love supporting families during childbirth.

Here is my latest baby I helped bring into the world.  Ok,so it didn't end in a vaginal birth.  After four days of trying to give birth vaginally my best friend Sarah had a C-section but the end result was the same and I was there at the hospital supporting her the whole time!

Mercy Maranatha
September 16, 2010

Ten months before she was born I was a Doula to her cousin Henry's parents.  You can find Henry's mom here.  This birth too ended in a C-section but I was there the whole time to support the family.

Henry Thomas
November 9, 2009

Here are my two little peanuts.  They are cousins!!!

I have my next Doula job all lined up! 
The baby is due in April!!!  Can't wait!

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