Friday, December 10, 2010


Autumn does not want to grow up.

If she had it her way she would probably choose
to be 3-years-old . . . forever.

So here is the HUGE dilemma . . .


How do you get an 11-year-old girl,
who doesn't want to grow up,
get through PUBERTY?

Well, I don't have the answer.

Autumn's Psychiatrist
(the most fantabulous Pediatric Psychiatrist around)
told me during our last appointment
that this will be the toughest stage of life
to get Autumn through. 

Wow . . .

Autumn has 3 goals to work on for her Psychiatrist.  We see Dr. Edwards every 2 months for medication monitoring and Autumn is old enough now to have goals that she comes up with herself. 

Here are her goals:

1. Talk like an 11-year-old. 
(Autumn constantly talks like a "baby".)

2. Make a list of ways to calm myself down.

3. Calm down by MYSELF!  

So you put a kid like Autumn who has
major sensory problems,
is Autistic,
has ADHD,
and struggles in a major way
with any kind of change or transition
through a life-changing adventure such as puberty
and well . . .  you have a  . . .

My heart breaks for Autumn.
Every change her body is going through she struggles with.

Body hair.
Body odor.
Growing height.
H e a v i e r weight.

You can't control puberty. 
It's Autumn's worse nightmare. 

Although I don't know exactly have the answers to getting her through this stage of her life I do have one technique I use to get by each day. 

It is a technique her Psychiatrist
taught me and it's very basic.

Very Basic.

"Autumn . . . this is how it is."
"Autumn . . . this is your job."
"Autumn . . . it is what it is."
"Autumn . . . this is the rule."
"Autumn . . . we can't change the way things work."

Basically I tell her there is no compromise.  This might seem cruel or inflexible however it is best for a child who is inflexible herself. 

See with Autumn you would could argue with her until your blue in the face and never convince her that your way is the right way. 

Puberty.  It is what it is. 
You can't control it.
You can't change it.
You just have to roll with it. 

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