Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stretching my Faith, Stretching my Pockets

Because of some unforeseen circumstances I can not reveal on this blog I am no longer going to be receiving my oldest daughter's child support money for at least 10 months.

Yikes!!!! WHAT???? How can this be????

Although I only get $300.00 a month it was comforting to know that every month on the same date (the 1st) 300 bucks would be deposited into my bank account. This was the case for nearly 15 years.

On June 24, 2010 this all changed. I was told I would get my July 1st money but starting in August ZERO would be deposited into my account.


The funny thing about God is that He has been tugging at my heart to become a better steward of His gifts to me, specifically my finances. I guess this is His way of saying, "Hey you!!! I'm serious, you have to do this!!!!!"

Ok so over the past month I've been getting use to the fact that I won't get my child support but then last night I received another phone call.

"Amy . . . . there is a problem with Rayne's health insurance now".

YIKES!!! GASP!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, you got it she does not have health insurance anymore either!!!!

God is surely stretching my faith!!!! So I prayed, prayed, and prayed some more!

This morning I told myself, "Amy, God will take care of you, don't worry". And you know what I believed it. I went into my HR department at work and told them I needed to add Rayne to my health insurance and ask for the rates as I knew it would be additional money. Not only did I lose my child support money but now I had to PAY to get her insurance.

Guess what???? God answered my prayers . . . the HR representative said, "THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL COST TO ADD RAYNE"! I then said, "OH PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!"

What a blessing, especially since Rayne has a surgeon's appointment tomorrow and she has physical therapy twice a week.

I also called her physical therapist to let him know the changes, to which he said, "Amy don't worry about it, I will treat her for free if I have to!"

God is good and I'm actually enjoying the stretching exercises he is giving me to do!!!!!!

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