Sunday, July 4, 2010

"I'm not comfortable!!!!!!"

Today is 4th of July and we had our annual 4th of July BBQ. The Trouwbottom BBQ is like no other. We eat all day long, from 1pm to 8pm. All the food is brought out in courses. It kinda goes like this:

1pm: Clam Fritters (Made by Uncle Gary who inherited the recipe from my late grandfather).

Hot Dogs (mainly for the kids)

BBQ chicken

Grilled Portabello Mushrooms with mozeralla, roasted red peppers, basil,and balsamic vinigarette

Corn on the cob

London Broil

Grilled spicy shrimp


It's all spread out from 1pm-8pm, it's quit the experience.

Autumn has been going to these BBQ's since birth. Nothing should be a surprise for her so it is a safe comfortable space for her. In years past we have had to leave the event early, go for frequent walks, or have numerous time outs during the party.

Today she was pretty good. As usual Autumn had to have a seat right next to me. If someone sat next to me and she was not able to have a seat next to me it caused her to have a fit. At one point I told her, "Autumn you can't have things the same way all the time."

Around 3pm Autumn sat next to me and was whining very loudly, she finally screamed at me, "I'm not comfortable!!!!" I ask her if she wanted her medication and she said "YES!". After she took her medication I told her I was very proud of her that she used her words to tell me she was not feeling right.

At around 4:20pm Autumn was whining again about something and she then told me, "I need help!" What she meant was that she needed help controlling herself. I was pretty impressed! So I told her let's collect bottle caps which she was happy to do with me.

Later on in the evening she was eating watermelon. When she got to the watermelon rind she bit it into pieces and spit it out. She told me she loved how that felt on her lower teeth. Several times throughout the evening she told me she wanted something to chew on. "Like gum?", I asked her. She said, "No, something crunchy". She was clearly looking for the deep pressure the watermelon rind provided.

Over all she had a pretty good weekend. She continues to struggle with rigidity but I was shocked at how she verbalized her needs today!! Small steps, small steps!!!

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