Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So Sad

My 15 (almost 16 YIKES!) year old daughter Rayne loves soccer. She has been on the field since she could walk. Up until this summer she played ever chance she got. She was on a high level Academy team and played for her high school team. On average she would be on the field 6 days a week.

In July she had Cartilage Reconstructive Surgery on her right knee.

It was a tough surgery and it meant Rayne would be off the field for a year . . . at least.

We knew that going into it but today Rayne got a reality check and a reminder of how serious the surgery was and still is.

We went to her surgeon today for a routine check up. She asked when she could start running. He said, "Not until 9 months". She asked if she could play soccer in the fall . . . He said, "I will probably let you play . . . HOWEVER . . . not more than 1 game a week AND not more than 1 team!" This crushed Rayne. She is use to playing on 2 teams and playing at lest 3 games a week. He reminded her that this surgery was to make her knee good for the rest of her life, NOT so she could play this fall.

It took Rayne a few minutes for it to sink in. We knew this going into it but I think she didn't realize it would really be 18 months by the time she could play again.

She cried the entire 45 minutes ride home. This broke my heart. Having a teenager I am use to her tears, but hey are usually caused by me . . . whether I yell at her for something or discipline her. I can handle those tears but the tears today were different . . . Rayne is a tough kid and rarely ever cries . . . I couldn't do anything, I can't fix this for her.

It was so sad.

She will continue Physical Therapy 3 times a week. SHe will continue not to run or dribble or kick. She will continue to be sad:(.

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Hessed Joy said...

Oh my. I'm so sorry to hear that. How is your daughter now? I hope that she will be able to reconcile this with herself and may she also find another talent in her that she will enjoy and love like soccer.