Saturday, September 26, 2009


Autumn is doing great, Rayne is doing even better. I'm amazed by how blessed I am to have these two amazing daughters.

I love how Rayne talks to me . . . sometimes. She tells me all about who she likes and who she doesn't like. I NEVER told my parents about my boy troubles . . . I kept my mouth shut. I wish I talked to my mom and dad more but I didn't. I didn't trust them. They were and are great parents but I didn't trust them. I didn't trust my sisters either. So I never spoke to them about anything personal. My friends were the ones who knew everything about me.

This is so bizarre writing this because if you know me and my family you know we are EXTREMELY close. You know that we depend on each other for everything and we are there for each other no matter what.

You know that we spend everyday together. That we love spending time together.

That we do silly things like "Magic shows" and "Michael Jackson Luau's" and "Ornament Contests" and "Dress like your favorite Thanksgiving Day character".

You know that when Riley was sick I would drive every night after work with the other kids to go see her for 2 weeks straight, even though it meant we got home at midnight ever night.

You know that when I came home pregnant at the age of 18 I was welcomed with unconditional love (after the 5 minute shock/blow-up/scream fest).

You know that Rayne was welcomed into the world with my mom and sister by my side. That Hilary would buy her the cutest outfits from BabyGap and that Rayne was the center of our universe for 5 years before the next kid came along.

You know that when I came home pregnant at the age of 25 my mom, dad, and sisters all wept. They didn't cry but they wept, not because they were disappointed in me but because they knew I had worked so hard to get where I was, that I was getting ready to graduate from graduate school with my Masters and that I worked really, really hard.

You know that when Hilary was going through her divorce we had a huge birthday party for her where everyone cleaned up her yard, put mulch down, trimmed her bushes, and fixed up the kids playground for her.

You know my dad watches our kids everyday after school and then carts them all over creation so they can go to their baseball practices, physical therapy, soccer games, and dance lessons.

You know that my mom has all the kids over for dinner two times a week so that Hilary and I can either work late or run errands.

You know we all go camping together ever summer. One big happy family.

You know that we all love God. We all worship Him in a different way but we all have a personal relationship with our Creator.

I had know idea when I started this post that it would evolve into this but I'm glad it did. It made me realize that I can trust my family. That they are the people I CAN trust.

Wow . . . I'm a little blown away.

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