Monday, August 3, 2009

This and That

Rayne had her second operation last Monday. She is in so much pain and is stuck on the couch! We see the surgeon today so hopefully she will be more mobile after we see him. He is an amazing surgeon, Dr. Todd Ryan from the Edison-Metuchen Ortho Group. Dr. Ryan is so talented and he has a great way of treating his patients. He thinks Rayne is hysterical!!!

Autumn has her ups and downs. Yesterday was a very tough day for her. You could visibly see she could not self-regulate. She was crawling in her own skin. The littlest thing set her off and then it was the point of no return for her. She would not listen to me and I was screaming at her. She started to self-stim by stomping her feet and drooling, putting her hand in her mouth. She also wrapped her self in her blanket, which makes sense if you know anything about sensory disorders. Unfortunately I did not have anymore of her Rispredal and the pharmacy was closed so we just had to deal with it. She finally calmed down after about 90 minutes of screaming, crying, and self-stimming. She then helped me clean her room. We organized everything and she was able to get rid of a lot of toys she does not want. I kept saying to her, "Do you love it? If you don't LOVE it we need to give it away." She has so much stuff, she likes to collect things so I'll find collections of almost anything in bags all over. When I cleaned out her bin in the dining room I found a bag full of 25 water balloons (full of water) she was collecting!!!!

On Saturday I ran the Neptune City 5K! I shaved 1 minute off my time which I'm happy about. It was great running with my friends and family. My two sisters ran, my brother-in-law's brother, Sarah (my BFF), and my friend Ricky from church. We had a great time and as usual my dad was there cheering me on. He has been at every race since I started running 6 months ago!

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