Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Different House

I'm living in a different house lately. There is A LOT going on. Some good and some bad. Don't get me wrong, I still live with my sister but things are changing.
For one thing I am a year older, I'm 35 now and loving it. I am in the best shape both mentally and physically I have been in in over 16 years. My sister, her kids, and my kids decided to throw me a UNDERWEAR PARTY! Frankly, they were tired of my underwear!!!! You see I have not bought myself new underwear since my surgery and after losing 120 pounds you could imagine how my old underwear fits!!!! Each child decorated a paper bag with a pair of new underwear in it, it was quit creative and I loved getting them!!!!! Our house is different because I'm one year wiser:)!!!

Rayne went in for her first of two knee surgeries on June 6th. Here is a picture of her before the surgery, yes she is a teenager, and yes she did not want me taking her picture!

She is having Cartildge Regeneration Surgery. This first surgery was the simple part, they went in, extracted cartilidge cells and closed her back up. The cells were sent to a lab and are now growing by the millions. On July 27th she will go for her BIG operation. It's open knee, they go in, take a peice of her shine tissue, form a water-tight patch over the cartidge defect on her knee and then inject the cartildge cells that were growing in a lab into the patch. Over the next year her cartildge patch will grow and fuse just like new. Disappointingly she will be off of sports for a year but hopefully, if all goes well, she will be back without pain the next year!!! Our house is different because we have eaten, slept, and breathed SOCCER since Rayne was 4 years old, it is definelty a change!

We just got back from a Road trip. Rayne, Autumn, and I drove to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois to visit some of my best friends, Crystal and Dan and their two sons, Ben and Sam. We had such a great time!!!!

We bought a pool and sprinkler for the kids since it got in the high 90's while we were there!!!

We also visited the University of Illinois, both Crystal and Dan work there. Crystal is a child psychologist and Dan is a psychologist teaching and researching at the university. We ate at Big Mouth's and it was delicious! Especially the FRIED TWINKIES!!!

Here is Crystal and Dan pointing out what they recommend on the Menu!!!

One day we went to a local water park. We had a great time. The lazy river was our favorite part!!!

The passing of the King of Pop occured while I was there. Crystal, Dan, and I all love Michael Jackson so to show our respects we had a beautiful memorial service for him. We danced and sang SHIVA!!!

Crystal and I both bought new black dresses for the occasion. We each picked 3 of our favorite MJ songs and sang and danced to them. We lite candles and the kids loved our stories we told about how each Michael Jackson song affected our lives.

There was a lot of dancing going on!

We ended the night with Brownies A LA MODE!!!! We figured the brownie's being dark brown and the ice cream being white symbolized Michael's skin going from black to white, it was really special!!! Our house is different because my sister Hilary actually had a whole week by herself in our BIG house. Her kids were with their father . . . I bet she was SOOOO lonely without all of us!!!

I ran my first 5k with my friend Pina and my sister Jill. It was so fun and we made it!!! Pina and I finished at around 44 minutes, not bad, not good, but ok. We were humilated by my 40 year old sister who has not exercised in 4 years!!! She ran the whole thing and finished at 37 minutes!!!! Pina and I have been training for 5 weeks . . . oh well!!! I have another race on 4th of July, hopefully I can beat my time!!!! Our house is different because I exercise on a regular basis! I'm showing my kids a healthy way of living which is a big time change!!!

On our way back from Illinois we stopped in Indianapolis, Indiana to meet Rayne's dad so she could visit with him and his family for a few weeks. It was nice to see him, his wife, and his two other daughters. Rayne always has a good time with them. I am so blessed that she has a great step-mom and that everyone gets a long. I miss her terribly :( I can't wait until she gets back on July 13th!!!! Our house is different because we have one less child in it . . . it's a little less quiet, and a lot less fun!

And now for the biggest difference!!!!!!!! I have a new daughter!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! No I'm not talking about an actual NEW daughter but I'm talking about my Autumn Grace!!!! As you know she has been regressing, regressing, regressing. We went to see her psychiatrist whom I LOVE! I had been emailing her about Autumn's problems so she knew the whole update. We both decided to try her on a new medication in addtion to her Adderall. The medication she chose to try is Respridal. It is an anti-psychotic that is traditionally used for schizephrenia however in the last few years has been approved for chidlren with Autism for their behaviors. I was TERRIFIED to try this drug but I had hit a wall with Autumn. So I decided to try it. And guess what???? It works!!!! Autumn is a new child. She is happy, she is cooperative, she is less rigid, she does not self-stim anymore, she verbalizes what she needs, she is still cute, she is still cuddely with me, she is still Autumn, just an Autumn who is comforaable in her own skin now!!!! Our house is different because Autumn is on a new med and it works!!!!


Larissa said...

saw you in church this sun. or last (can't remember when) and remember thinking to myself...she looks GOOD!!! so happy to hear about autumn....that's more than fabulous!

Jade, Mike, and Gabe said...

That's great that you found something to help calm your daughter! We have to use sleeping medication for GABE every night or will only sleep 1 or 2 hours. It's horrible dealing with some of our autism issues. So glad you stopped by our blog so I could then check yours out! :) If you have any questions about diets please feel free to ask! Take care.