Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Introducing the newest Trouwbottom!

I am happy to introduce the newest member of the Trouwbottom family!!!! Meet Mbali! She is a beautiful 10 year old girl from Swaziland, Africa. We have decided to sponsor Mbali through CHILDREN'S HOPECHEST.

Mbali lives in the country of Swaziland, located in southern Africa. Swaziland has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world producing thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children. Current statistics show that a child of 15 has a one in ten chance to live to 35.

Mbali's current home is a 20 minute walk from the Beveni carepoint where she lives with her uncle and aunt and 10 other children. Mbali recieves her education at Thembini Primary School and is in the third grade (JUST LIKE AUTUMN!).

We have committed to send money each month to Mbali which will help her grow physically, emotionally, mentally, educationally, and spiritually. We have also committed to pray and write to Mbali each month.

We are so excited! Autumn was instramental in picking out Mbali from several profiles of orphaned children in Africa. Please pray for our newest member of the TROUWBOTTOM CLAN!!!!

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