Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It appears that over the past 6 months Autumn has regressed quit a bit.

It is now to the point where she refused to speak to anyone besides our immediate family. She is not connecting to others, even those she knows and sees often. She has been with her teacher now since September and she does not have a connection to him, he reports she has maybe said 5 things to him all year. She is uncomfortable in other peoples houses unless it's ours, my sisters, or my mothers. She is becoming more and more rigid with where she sits (i.e. she has a certain seat she will sit in and no one else can sit there), who sits next to her, and who can touch or use her things.

Her outbursts are getting worse, not as bad as when she was 5 or 6 but we have now had to start physically removing her from the room. She is older, stronger, and bigger now so it is not an easy feat but Hilary and I are up for the battle. When she has a tantrum her fist goes in her mouth, she drools, the messier the better. If she is in a mood and someone tries talking to her she will grunt or refuse to answer. If she doesn't want to talk her arm goes up over her face or she hides in my lap if I'm near.

She's on Adderall for her ADHD. As soon as her medicine runs out she has a hard time dealing, we now have to make sure her next pill is on the way which is new for her, usually she does okay with the transition. Yesterday I told her to take her pills, I watched her put them in her mouth, then I went upstairs to take a shower, when I was done I came downstairs to find 2 wet pills on the stairs. She never does this, so I put them in her mouth and she took them. Adderall is extremely helpful. With it Autumn is able to cope better with the world around her, she is less irritable, less rigid and is able to function.

That is the bad news, the good news is that with all this going on Autumn remains to be a beautiful child. She has been doing extremely well at Jill and Steve's house and doesn't even need her medicine while there. She is a big help with her younger cousins who are 3 and 2 years old. She loves to garden and can plant for hours. She has planted a vegetable garden in our back yard and weeds and waters it faithfully. She enjoys planting all of the flowers Hilary has bought as well.

If you saw her when she is comfortable, with children she trusts such as our neighbor Michaela you would not know there was anything wrong with her. Or if you saw her with my immediate family or on the play ground at school you would think she is a typical kid but as soon as she is uncomfortable, as soon as there is no trust, as soon as it is different, or too overwhelming she shuts down.

I'm worried. Please Pray

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