Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mr. Trouwbottom Part 2

This is the continuation of my "wants" for Mr. Trouwbottom. I know he's out there I'm just waiting for God to show him to me. You can check out Part 1 HERE

14) Mr. Trouwbottom must love to pray. He must be comfortable praying with me. There's nothing I want more than a partner that will pray with me and for me. It's something I dream about.

15) He must be willing to accept Autism as part of his family. Because I have a daughter with Autism, ADHD, and ODD it means that the Mr. has to be very special, and understand or want to understand these disorders.

16) He must cherish the small things. In other words a card sent for no reason at all, a daisy left on my pillow, a kind word whispered in my ear when no one is looking.

17) Respected. He needs to be respected by God, his family, his church,and community. It says a lot about someone when they are respected. I think it's a huge compliment when someone tells me they respect me. I expect the same for my husband.

18) Thinks I'm beautiful. Well I am! So he should think so too!!!!

19) Goal in life is to raise a godly family. There's not much more that weighs heavily on my heart then raising a godly family. It's one of my primary goals in life and yet I too often fail at it. Mr. Trouwbottom must want this for our family as well!

20) Full confidence in me- trusts his wife. I want a team player, someone who stands by my side and sticks up for me, however if I'm wrong lets me know in the most loving constructive way.

21) Willing to talk. I'm a talker, I'm a communicator, I want to know what is on your mind!!!!! On the other hand I can be very quiet, not saying much for hours, it's a balance I suppose!!!

So that's my continued list. Pray with me on my journey to my match!!!!!

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