Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today is my 35th BIRTHDAY!!!! It's also CINCO DE MAYO! I am so blessed! This weekend I participated in the NJ Marathon! My small group from church, "The Best Group Ever!" ran/walked the relay. We had 2 teams of 4 so we each had a partner. My leg was with my sista Danisha, we walk/ran 5.5 miles in 1 hour and 38 minutes, in the POURING RAIN!!!! And I don't mean a sprinkle, it was POURING and COLD!!! It was a great start to my 35th birthday!!!!!

Here is 35 things I want to accomplish this year . . .
1) Run an entire 5K. I've started to train this week. I'm excited and it feels so good.
2) Lose another 45 pounds, making my weight loss 165 total.
3) Live a life free of secrets and demons . . . I want to live in the light, once and for all!!!!
4) Finally paint my bedroom and hallways (I have had the paint for 7 months now!)
5) Simplify, simplify, simplify.
6) Come up with a filing system and stick to it.
7) Go on a mission trip, no matter how small or large . . . follow God's calling.
8) Fall in love :)
9) Pay off my debt to my parents and my sister.
10) Live debt free.
11) Save two full months of living expenses and but it in my online savings account so I won't be tempted to touch it!!!!
12) Become comfortable with telling my mom, dad, and sisters I love them on a regular basis. Strange but true we do not do this and I wish we did. I can tell my kids and my close friends I love them but for some reason it makes me feel really, really vulnerable to tell my family I love them.
13) Transform my living space into a space of tranquility and peace . . . somewhere I can pray, meditate and meet with my Savior on a daily basis.
14) Floss every day . . . one of my best friends is a dentist . . . I'm sure you wonder how I live with the guilt:)? I'm such a rebel!!!!
15) Send out Christmas Cards.
16) Put carpet down in Autumn and Rayne's room so they don't have to live with cold concrete floors for another year!!!!
17) Form a habit of prayer and devotion. I want to be in constant communication with God and look to his word each day.
18) Learn how to ice skate. I never learned when I was a kid . . . :( I was always the kid with boots on the lake!
19) Plant a vegetable garden.
20) Learn to drink water as a health practice, not a beverage! (My good friend Dan has been trying to teach me that for years!)
21) Somehow organized my pictures.
22) Complete my tattoo on my back.
23) Grow my hair into a new style.
24) Go on a solitude retreat. Meaning go away for a day or two by myself.
25) Start a trip fund for Rayne's High School Graduation Trip. SHe wants to go to LONDON!
26) Throw a lot of crap out!!!!!
27) Get my body checked for skin cancer!
28) Pray with my children
29) Go to the beach a lot this summer!
30) Have a fantastic Halloween Costume this year!
31) Start my poetry journal again.
32) Learn to like one new vegtable (yuck!).
33) Read more . . . I just never get around to it!
34) Love Jesus with all my heart, soul, and mind.
35) Live simply so that others may simply live ~ Ghandi


Lorrie said...

Happy birthday and cinco de mayo! We always celebrate by making tacos...he he!

Becky R said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.
Happy Birthday!
Ever since I came to know the Lord & starting tithing 11 years ago I have been so blessed. (That is not why I tithe of course, but because I trust God) but still it is so nice how He loves us!!!

Twyska said...

Happy late bday!

Your #10-debt free - Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? His podcasts are fun to listen to and very motivational. His book Total Money Makeover is a good one.