Thursday, April 9, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Autumn has regressed over the past 3-6 months. Riley's illness did wonders for Autumn's emotional well-being (I'm being completely and utterly sarcastic here). School has been a wash, she refuses to do all work, has on some occasions sat in the middle of the floor and refused to go to lunch, OT, or the guidance counselor, and she has disrupted the lessons so much that it was impossible for her teacher to teach. At home she has started to do repetative things which have been to a minimum up until now. My mother watched the kids the other day and she said Autumn walked in circles and repeated phrases over and over again, I have not seen these behaviors before but hey it was Tuesday! She has started to self stim again by using her mouth. For instance my sister walked into the living room the other day and Autumn had peanut butter completely covering her hand and face. The other morning we saw the same scene but substitute Cool-Whip for the peanut butter.

Having a child with special needs is a challenge. But there are a few moments in our lives when it feels like HOME. We had taken off from her private occupational therapy for two reasons, 1) I had a $500 bill I needed to pay down and 2) Autumn just needed a break. Soooo with this regression going on I decided to bring her back to Missy, her OT. We went this Monday, its been about 4-5 months since we have seen Missy and Autumn did not want to go. This is strange since she loves Missy, however, lately Autumn as not wanted to do anything outside the house, she would much rather stay in her own little world. We arrived at the center and I realized we were HOME! Autumn crumbled into a little ball on one of the chairs with her fist in her mouth starting to drool, shaking her head to anything I asked her. But guess what? NO ONE NOTICED!!! It felt so good to be in a room with parents and their children and have no one look at me like I'm a bad parent or Autumn is a strange kid. All the parents were just like me, all the kids were just like Autumn in their own way. This center primarly treats kids with Autism, or the like, so when we walked in we were HOME and it felt GREAT!!!!


Roselawn said...

Hi! Came across your post through the Adoption Connect link. My neice works for DYFS in NJ. Are you somewhere near Brick? Small world!

Trouwbottom said...

Yes I'm about 30 minutes from Brick! Small, small world!