Sunday, March 8, 2009


Please pray for Riley, my 4 year old niece she was hospitalized yesterday for stomach pain and vomiting. Turns out it was not just a stomach virus.

Riley's MRI of the brain showed swelling of the cerebellum. She has been flown by helicopter to the Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia. Neurosurgeons are on standby in case she needs surgery. They have her on anti-biotics, anti-virals, steroids, and anti-seizure medication (she was having weird eye episodes like seizures), and a salt saline to ... Read Moretry to draw some of the water away from her brain. There were also signs of the blood vessels in her brain being constricted by the swelling. She was alert when she left, I was able to play with her and distract her while Hilary worked with the neurologist Dr. Phish (who by the way ROCKED!!!! she is great!), however she still can't walk, has no balance what so ever. Please pray for God's healing and that she will not need surgery!!!!

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