Friday, March 20, 2009

My sister's update on Riley

I am amazed at how Riley is doing and I am excited about God's work. When this all started we all questioned "Why?" As our story unfolds I am realizing that God does have a perfect plan and am enjoying what is happening to my family. In the mist of crisis we are all growing closer to God and isn't that what it's all about??? Here is my sister's update from Riley's care page, enjoy!

"Thursday's Update from Hilary"

How many times do you hear people say, "Oh,Thank God"? A million, right? Well, today when I say "Thank God", I really mean "THANK GOD!!"

Riley's first PT session was at 10am, and the whole hospital knew it. Mataj came in our room, and the pure sight of him sent her into a rage. I had to watch her scream and almost hyperventilate again, yelling, "Mommy, please dont....Mommy please please MOMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYY"! I sat and cried for a while, wondering how can this continue? I took some time to gather myself together and get ready for the long draining day that seemed to be evident. As I watched the clock tick away, I saw out of the corner of my eye, a little girl riding a scooter!!!!! To my astonishment, it was the same little girl who, just an hour ago, was a lunatic. Again, I sat and cried, but this time it was pure joy.

Her second OT session was at 1:00pm. Heather picked her up, this time there was only a pout. No cries, no screams, just a sigh and a "hummmm"!

Her third PT session went very well - Heather dropped her off to Mataj with no trouble, and their session was very productive. When she came back to the room, she was greeted by a special package that came from Carol (my friend at work.) Inside was a big bag of M&M's - her favorite. What a great reward, thanks Carol!!!!

Her last OT session was the best! We had an hour break prior to this session in which we played multiple games of Hi Ho Cherrio and Memory. Riley won every time except once (I couldn't give up all my competitiveness!!!!). She kept watching the clock and asking, "how many more minutes?". She put her shoes and her safety belt on all by herself and climbed off the bed and walked hand in hand with Heather to the elevators. Once again, I sat and cried.

My big news is.....the entire team met today to discuss and collaborate on a plan for Riley along with a tentative discharge date. April 6th is the date that looks most promising. At first I was disappointed but after letting it sink in a bit, I have to count my blessings. At least she's coming home, and in reality, whats two and a half more weeks, in the scope of things.
So, this is why I say, "THANK GOD......THANK GOD"

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