Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Riley Roo!!!

Riley is doing well. Hilary, Teddy, Aedan, Autumn, and all stayed at a hotel last night. Hilary got some well needed sleep and the boys had a great time with their mom. John said Riley slept most of the night. No results from the EEG yet. The occupational and physical therapists have been to see her. She still cannot walk unassisted and her neck seems to be week. She is extremely cranky and often cries for Autumn to play with her. She is off the anti-viral medication. They have tested for 7 known viruses that could cause this and so far all tests have come back negative. She remains on steroids, 2 anti-biotics, and anti-seizure medication. Keep praying, God has a plan and his healing touch has been seen already, WE SERVE AN AWESOME GOD!

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