Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Riley is a fighter!

My mom, Teddy, Autumn, and I drove back to CHOP and surprised Hilary and Riley! We brought the Wii and a big package that arrived for the kids from Hilary's company. Riley is doing okay. Since she came off the anti-viral medication her viral counts went up so they put her back on the anti-viral. When she arrived on Sunday morning her counts were around 750, normal-high is 194, when she went on the anti viral the counts went down to 174, but then creeped back up to over 200.

The part of the brain that is affected by the virus controls her fine motor and gross
motor skills, not her intellect, so that is why she is "normal" Riley but she can't walk. We are trying to figure out if it is only her left side that is affected. We definitely know her left leg is affected more than her right but her left arm has her IV board on it so we can't tell. They have also mentioned that she might have had mini strokes but they are not sure. Her EEG did not show seizures but it did show a slowing of the brain which we expected.

They have no discharge date in mind but she will probably be in longer than a week. Continue to pray because God is GOOD!

You can see Autumn is helping her cut play-doh. I think I have a future Occupational Therapist on my hands! I wouldn't be surprised since Autumn gets Occupational Therapy each week for her sensory issues, she's practically an expert!!!

Riley Ella's glass doors to her room.

Autumn had fun drawing on Riley's door to her room.

My artist!

Riley and Teddy played on the lap top, her right arm and hand are so much better, she is even able to feed herself goldfish and cheerios now.

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Greg said...


You are so good. I know this sucks so bad and it's not fair. I'm so sorry. We will miss you so much. When my baby is rich and famous you can come visit me in my Willow Valley retirement village whenever you want.

Love Grace