Saturday, March 14, 2009

My hero and her walker!

Riley is walking with a walker now, my sister Hilary still needs to hold on to her "belt" but at least she is getting out of bed and moving around.

Hilary's back is killin' her!!!

Her smile will light up a room!!!!!!!!!

Hilary's company has put me and the kids up in a hotel here in Philly for the weekend. Autumn and I stayed there last night. Aedan and Teddy slept over her dads and will be at the hotel tonight. Autumn did not receive her Adderall yesterday (I was running out so I tried to get away with it) so by the time we got back to the hotel she was bouncing off the walls. She also had some tantrums in the hospital. It was a typical tantrum for Autumn, she pouts, ends up on the floor, fingers in her mouth, and begins to drool. I know it's very attractive. But she finally got through it and we moved on. I gave her Melatonin when we got to the hotel and she was sound asleep by 12am . . . story of my life!

Autumn continues to be amazing with Riley. This morning before we left for the hospital she announced, "I have to get my bag ready for Riley! She has a whole "kit" for Riley in a bag filled with a massager, webkin, Nintentdo DS, etc... I told her she was a little Occupational Therapist! She liked that! I gave her Adderall, I only have 2 pills left, my sister Jill will bring me the rest today . . . THANK GOD!!!

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