Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mr. Trouwbottom

Well I've been thinking about Mr. Trouwbottom. What he would "look" like, who he "is", and more importantly who he "is not". So here are my thoughts, in no particular order except number 1, that must stay at number 1:

1) Mr. Trouwbottom must be a born again Christian who loves the Lord with all his heart mind and soul.

2) Must love diversity which includes tattoos and piercings! I have 5 tattoos and will be getting more shortly. He does not have to have tattoos but must be accepting of them and not think they are ridiculous or anti-Christian. After all Jesus loves me and my tattoos!

3) He must love to have fun. Laughing is a big part of my life. I laugh all the time and crack jokes all the time.

4) Must "get" sarcasm. I am very sarcastic and so are my family and most of my friends. You will not last long if you don't get it.

5) Must love church. I love my church and church family. If I can't make it to church I miss it and I love my Tuesday night small group.

6) Must not drink alcohol. I don't mind the occasional drink. And when I say occasional I mean occasional. I once dated a guy who said he was an occasional drinker which to him meant at least 1 to 2 drinks a night! Not my kind of guy. By occasional I mean maybe drinking 4 times a year . . . now that's occasional!

7) Must love overbearing and close nit families! My family is extremely close, but in a healthy way. It includes my parents, my two sisters, and my one brother-in-law, as well as my 5 nieces and nephews. We see each other almost everyday. We email and call everyday. We have keys to each others houses. We vacation together. We will do anything for each other. We never hold grudges.

8) Justice . . . . it's one of my passions. I love serving the disadvantaged specifically the poor. I also have a passion for racial injustice. If you have a problem with people of different race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion we will probably not be close. I have a high tolerance level and am willing to talk to anyone. I love learning about different cultures, religions, and backgrounds. The more diverse a place is the better, if people are all alike I find it boring and stiff.

9) Mr. Trouwbottom has to like sports. I'm not looking for an all out fanatic but my kids and nieces and nephews all play sports, so you can often find me watching either soccer, baseball, or basketball on most weekends. I was an athlete in high school and still love to play when I can.

10) He must not be super political. Ahhem . . . I am a democrat and proud of it. He does not need to be a democrat but must be willing to be married to one:). He must be willing to at least view the world from my eyes and not put me or my party down for our beliefs.

11) Mr. Trouwbottom must be willing to take my last name!! Just kidding, but that would be fantastic wouldn't it?????? He must be willing to allow me to keep my last name or if I am led to change it keep Trouwbottom in my last name. I am very proud of all my accomplishments as a Trouwbottom and I do not want that ever, ever to go away. I want people to know me and continue to know me by Trouwbottom. This is very important to me. Oh and my two little Trouwbottomett's will also have my last name so you see how important it is not only to me but to them. My history will not end when I get married it will just continue on with maybe a new name attached!

12) He must be kind and generous. I am kind and generous so I expect my mate would be also. If you need my shirt, I'll give it to you. If you need my bed, have it. If you need my food take that too.

13) Mr. Trouwbottom must be a hard worker. There's nothing sexier than a strong work ethic!!! I work extremely hard every day, I expect the same.

Well I'm going to end with #13, my favorite number. I will be adding to this list as I think of it! If you know anyone that fits my requirements, forward his resume to me!!!!

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Amy P. said...

Love it!!! I plan to do some first interviews for you. If I find someone worthy of a second interview with the CEO (aka YOU) I will set up a time for their formal interview with you!!!!