Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I've been inspected by DYFS!

Yep, I've been looked into by the Division of Family and Youth Services (DYFS), yeah you know the big bad people that come and inspect child abuse claims. But it's not what you think, it wasn't for my kids (although some days I think DYFS could be called:). Remember way back in November when I told you I might become a foster parent for two of my friends kids? Well the kids are still not home and here we are in March. The two children are now living with the paternal grandmother which is a better situation than the previous foster home.

I have been approved to provide supervision to the mother and the children, which will help the kids and also help the paternal grandmother as well. They had to do a routine background check and thankfully I passed . . . woo hoo!!! I was not nervous please me, nervous, skeletons? NEVER! Ha!!! So anyway I'm going to call the grandmother to set up a meeting so that I can take the kids to see their mom.

I have to be honest, after hearing the case history I'm kind of nervous about what I have gotten myself into but I truly feel like God is calling me to do this. I have put a call into my pastor so I can talk it over with him. DYFS and I are on the same page. Although this mother is my dear friend I do see this situation through reality and through my social worker eyes. I do believe DYFS had the right and it was a necessity to remove the kids. I believe this family needs a lot of prayer and a lot of work. This will probably put me in an awkward place with my friend but we have always been able to be honest with each other. This time it will be brutally honest, things have to change.

So wish me luck, now there is another thing thrown into my crazy schedule but hey, I'm superwoman I can handle it . . .


Amy P. said...

You ARE superwoman!! congrats on getting the approval--the kids and entire family will be blessed by what you are doing!!

prettybyrdie said...

If you were a reality TV show, I would watch you.

Winter Family said...

Congrats T on following your heart
and listening to God--You will be blessed --keep the Faith