Saturday, February 21, 2009

T.V. Diet

I'm considering going on a T.V. diet. I've been convicted of this many times in my past and one Easter I actually gave up TV for a week to prepare for Easter and it was actually a great time in my life.

I'm pretty much addicted to TV, although as I write this I'm note sure I'm as addicted to TV or if I'm addicted to "vegging out". I think it's the "vegging out" I'm addicted to.

You see it is so tempting to just turn on the boob-tube and veg. My stressful job, my active kids, my co-parenting my neices and nephews, my everyday struggle with depression, my tendency to procrastinate . . . these add to my temptation.

My favorite shows right now are:
The Bachelor
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Secret Life of an American Teenager
American's Next Top Model
Run's House
Amazing Race
John and Kate plus 8
Any documentary

The list can go on and on. The problem is that I watch these shows PLUS anything that is on the boob-tube to fill my time. To make matters worse is that in the last month I have gotten into the worst habit. I have actually started to fall asleep on the couch while watching TV, I then wake up at about 1:00am and then go downstairs to bed.
The worst part about this is that I am taking away time from God. Imagine if I even spent 1 30minute session of boobtube time and spent it with God, HOLY COW, how my life would change. So I think I am going to do it, the tv diet. I'll keep you updated!


prettybyrdie said...

I've thought about this too. Do you think that the day after Easter you will feel even more addicted to it? That's what I'm afraid of.
Fortunately we never got cable installed in our apartment to save money, but we have Blockbuster online and watch something almost every day. I feel like I only have two mind-modes: totally vegged out and brain-dead, and frantic overdrive when I'm studying.

Christine said...

Love the new header pic! Why don't you just narrow your list down to a couple? Frees up some time for God. :)

Larissa said...

You should totally go for it! A tv "diet" is such a great idea...I once did a tv fast and it was so good for me spiritually! As a fellow need-to-veg-out I can so identify! Have you considered "fasting" from a few shows for Lent? xoxo L.

Hilary said...

Thank you Christine for my new header!!!!!! And thanks guys for the suggestions, I think I am going for it . . . I'll let you know what I decide!!!!

Trouwbottom said...

Ha! That's funny I was signed in under my sisters account!!!!