Friday, February 13, 2009

Flashback Friday! Sticks and Stitches

This is Autumn on October 3, 2007, the day after she fell out of a tree and had a stick impaled into her thigh! On October 2, 2007 she was playing in our yard, climbing trees and she fell onto a sharp limb. There was not much bleeding and my dad (who was watching her) washed it off and
put a band-aid on it. He called me to let me know that she was ok. He then took her and all the kids to Rayne's soccer game.

When I got home from work around 6:30pm I took the band-aid off and literally gasped! There was a large hole in her thigh! I mean not a small gash but a LARGE hole!!! I told Autumn, "Ummm honey, we have to go to the Emergency Room!". It's funny with Autumn, she has so many struggles in life but in a real emergency she is fantastic! I told my dad, who felt bad, and to his defense I must say there was not much blood, as I later learned that there isn't much blood with a really deep wound like the one she had. So off we went to the ER. They took an x-ray to make sure nothing was in there and then cleaned it out, that was not fun! They then gave her about 12 shots of anesthetic to numb the area, that was not fun either. But I must say Autumn was calm and focused for most of it.

They ended up giving her 11 stitches, it was a irregular wound so it was messy, they had to put two internal stitches in first. The doctor in the ER that night let the resident do the stitching.

The next day I get a call from the radiologist that said he thinks he sees something in her x-ray and that we need to go see the pediatric surgeon just in case. So we go to the surgeon who puts her on antibiotic and says wait a week. We go back the next week and he doesn't like the looks of the wound so he says she will need surgery to remove what ever is in there.

But wait, on instinct, the doctor says he wants to take a look first. So he removed her stitches and puts his metal instrument in her wound (not fun, again!), and wouldn't you know he pulls out a 1 inch piece of wood!!!!! Now this was no ordinary wood but it actually had the two internal stitches the ER doctor stitched. In other words the ER doctor stitched the wood into Autumn's leg!!!!

The surgeon then put 4 new stitches and the wound healed nicely. Autumn has a large scar on her thigh. We love that scar, because not only was it the day she fell out of a tree but it was the same day she became a born-again Christian! The morning of October 2, 2007 she asked Jesus into her heart! It was a very happy day indeed, and she will always have a scar in remembrance of the sacrifice Christ made so she could be in Heaven forever!

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Amy P. said...

Sticks, Stitches, and Salvation!! wow, how cool is that? Autumn looks so pretty in that picture sitting on the bed too!!