Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashback Friday- Sisters

I love these pictures. These are pictures of a visit Rayne had with her father, step-mom, and sisters (from their marriage). Rayne is 9, her sister Serenity is 4, her sister Chantell is 12, and Autumn is 3.

Chantell and Rayne are two peas in a pod. They would kill me if they knew I posted this picture!

Autumn and Rayne's little sister Serenity were so cute. It was so nice that all 4 girls were able to spend time together. I remember this visit was also eye opening for Autumn. It was the first time she realized that she didn't have a daddy:(. Because Rayne's dad lives in another state Rayne and him don't get to visit often so on this visit Autumn was now old enough to realize who he was and his relationship to Rayne. Autumn asked, "Do I have a daddy?" It was sweet and heart breaking at the same time. Rayne's dad and step-mom have been great with Autumn. When ever they send Rayne a gift they always include a gift for her too.