Thursday, February 5, 2009

. . . even more than sleep

I love my job. I love sleep. I love my job more.

It all started when I was called at 4:30pm by one of my managers who said they lost the med cabinet keys. We trouble shooted and then when the keys did not turn up I left my house at 7:30pm to go get bolt cutters to cut the locks off the med cabinets so my clients could take their 8pm meds. Well I got all the way to my office to get the bolt cutters when I get the call that they finally found the keys!!!! Yeesh!

The next call I get was at 6:00pm. One of my other managers called me to tell me that his client, W, has been uncontrollably vomiting. I instructed him to call 911 and meet her at the hospital. At 12:00am he tells me that they are going to operate, only problem is that they can't get in touch with her sister or her State appointed guardian . . . uggg! So at 3:30am I make make my way to the hospital, along the way I have to pull my car over 3 times to talk to the on-call guardian who I have success in reaching but some how the surgeon did not!

At 5:15am my manager and I hug and kiss W and tell her we will pray for her. Seems that she had a bowel obstruction and they had to do exploratory surgery to figure out what was going on. W has Cerebral Palsy and can not talk. She talks with her eyes, she looks up for yes, and side to side for no. She is very intelligent however can not walk or talk, she is literally trapped in her body. W is one of my daughter Autumn's favorite clients to visit!

At 6:00am I send my manager home and settle in for the wait. 7:30am comes and goes with no word. I have an attendant call to the OR, they are still operating and will let me know when their done. 8:00am, 9:00am . . . now we are all getting worried. I'm texting my supervisors and manager back and forth. Finally at 10:00am I ask them to call the OR again. The attendant tells me she's in ICU! WHAT!!!! I run up to ICU, the nurse tells me she has been there for an hour and out of surgery for an hour before that. I am pissed!!!!

W is awake and smiles when she sees me. This is why I love my job more than sleep. Knowing that I can bring comfort to someone who is defenseless is worth it. Teaching the nursing staff how W communicates is worth it. Educating the nurses about how just because someone has Cerebral Palsy like W and their body is twisted like a pretzel and they can't talk, does not mean they are necessarily mentally retarded, brings me joy. Holding W's hand while we watch the news together, warms my heart.

So the end of the story is that I never did get to talk to the surgeon or his resident. I even called the patient advocate and haven't heard back from her! It's ridiculous. If it was my son or daughter, mother or father, you bet I would have gotten a full report from the surgeon. But why did I not hear from the doctor? Is it because she lives in a group home? Is it because she is disabled? Is it because she had no family at the hospital? I hope not, I hope it was just a really really really stupid mistake on the doctors part.

So anyway, instead of sleeping I'm blogging. I figured something out today that I have forgotten. I really, really, really, love my job. I love working with the disabled. They make me smile. To some it is heart breaking. To some my work is "heroic", for some they just couldn't do it. "You do what?" some ask, you actually assist with toileting sometimes? "I couldn't do it" I hear.

To some they couldn't do it, to me I can't turn away. God knew what he was doing when he sent me to my agency 8+ years ago. He knew I could glorify Him through my work there.

I love my job . . . even more than sleep!


Brianisarockstar said...

Great post ... It would be wonderful if everyone did their job with your passion :-) Although there technically is no need for me to be balancing books at 3:30 AM :-)

prettybyrdie said...

I know, we are on our way!