Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 2 ---- Withdrawal

I swear I had a headache today because I'm going through withdrawal. I mean 2 days without Facebook and TV . . . it's a bit drastic!!!!

I got a lot done and have talked to God quit a bit. Today I also was able to straighten up the house, fold laundry, and put about 4 loads of laundry away. All of which would have been left for the weekend.

Today God and I had an interesting conversation, although I rambled on again and hardly listen I know that at some point He will teach me how to hear Him better. God and I often have a conversation in the shower, it has become one of my favorite places to meet Him. Today we chatted about some of the married couples that mean the most to me. I prayed for them, for their marriages and for God to meet them and help them fall deeper in love. Some of the lucky couples were my parents, my sister and husband, the ladies in my small group and their husbands, and my oldest daughter Rayne's dad and his wife.

It feels good to connect with God. It's only day 2 and have talked to Him more in 48 hours than I have in a couple of weeks. I guess fasting really does fill you up in more ways then one!!!

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