Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Best Friends

I am amazed how awesome God is. Recently I have been "reunited" with people from my past. Rayne's dad and I just recently put our differences aside and we are now friends again. This was God's handy work not mine or his. I am amazed by the man of God Rayne's dad has become. It makes me so happy, I'm smiling right now. I was also reunited with one of my best friends from high school Paige. She too is a woman of God and it makes me so happy! God is SO GOOD!

It's funny how our spiritual lives fluctuate. I'm sure there are some "steady eddy's" out there but everyone I know has fluctuated when it comes to how close or far away they are to God. I am so fortunate to have the friends I do and now there are these two others from my past that I have to lean on during those times of fluctuation. These days I am concentrating on seeking Christ everyday, if I'm honest this is hard for me. I do not seek Him everyday. I'm to the point where I at least think about Him but do I truly seek Him? That's a good question.

What does it mean to seek Him? In the Bible it says "pray continuously", I would love to get to the point in my life where I prayed continuously. Not just in the bad times, in the stressed out times, in the "OH GOD I NEED YOU" times, but continuously, like a conversation I would have with my co-worker sitting across from me. I want to talk to Him over the little things, over the cute things, over the "My kids are killin' me" things. I guess I want to be His best friend. Up until this point I have not. I have a deep love and respect for Him but He hasn't been my best friend.

The more I read His Word the more I love Him. I struggle with this too. If I'm not in a Bible Study then I'm not keen on reading the Bible. I wish I was more like my mother, as far back as I can remember my mother has read the Bible EVERYDAY. She never misses a day. I would come downstairs to take a shower and there she would be sitting in the kitchen reading her Bible and praying! Wow. I never realized I wanted to be like my mother until now!!!

So I 'm on a road this year, a road to praying, reading, and becoming my savior's best friend!

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