Monday, January 12, 2009

Rayne Theodora

My daughter Rayne was born on January 13, 1994 at 8:32am. I went into labor on January 12, 1994 at around 5pm after eating my moms spagetti dinner. At first I thought it was gas, but the pains came more regular. I was 19 years old and living with my parents. I had just finished the fall semester of my sophmore year of college. Needless to say I had to take the spring semester off!

She was due on January 1st, my babies like staying inside as long as they can!!! I labored at home all night. My birthing partner Jill (my oldest sister) was up with me. I distinctly remember her frying an egg around 3am and me almost puking because I couldn't think of eating. She on the otherhand needed a little snack!

My labor slowed down around 5am and then stopped. My doctor said it was false labor to go to bed, I hung up the phone and wouldn't you know my water broke!!!! We got to the hospital, me, Jill, and my mom at around 6:30am. I was scheduled to use the hospitals ABC room (Alternative Birthing Center), which meant no drugs, just a homelike atmosphere. Before you can go into the ABC room you had to get monitored in a regular room first. Luckly we did that because they couldn't find Rayne's heart beat so they put on internal monitor on her head. They asked me if I wanted to move to the ABC room and I said NO! The pain was so bad that I vomitted which was too much for Jill to take so she went into the hall and fainted!!! Yes, my big sister, birthing coach, fainted in the hallway!! As I came out of the bathroom I realized the room was empty, I thought to myself, "Where the heck is everyone?". They were all tending to my sister in the hallway!!!!

At 8:32am I pushed 3 times and Rayne Theodora Trouwborst came into the world! With my mom and sister by my side I gave birth to the most beautiful girl on this earth! She had a head of straight jet black hair and the most beautiful deep dark brown eyes! It turns out the embilical cord was wrapped around her neck, yikes! Her forhead was a little blue so they wisked her away to give her oxygen and make sure everything was okay, Praise Jesus it was!!!

This is Rayne at her 1st birthday! She was so cute and cuddly! She was super smart right from the start. She walked at 9 months and was talking away at her birthday party. Her straight black hair fell out and she was crowned with curly dark brown locks!!!!

I often get asked, "How do you do it?", usually this is asked because I'm a single mom. My response usually is, "How do I not do it?". My theory on life is this, getting pregnant at a young age, unplanned, unmarried, will either make you or break you. I chose for it to make me. You see Rayne saved my life. I was definitely headed down a path of destruction. When I left my tiny Christian high school I was earning straight A's, was #4 in my class, was a star athlete, role model, on student counsel, very active in my church youth group, the list goes on. I attended a small Christian college was pre-med, made the soccer team, and was aspiring to become a pediatrician or ob-gyn. Medical school was in my future, so I thought.

Instead of choosing to stay on that path I chose to run from it. I stopped going to soccer practice, went to class when I felt like it, stopped going to Church, ended up on academic probation after the first semester. I hung out with my friends instead of going to class, I snuck off campus to go dancing every weekend, I snuck into the boys dorms and spent the night. By the time I left my first year my GPA was a wopping 1.78! About the only thing I didn't do was get into drugs and alchol, thank God!!! I have never been drunk and have never done a drug however I'm no angel . . . by the grace of God I got into trouble always sober!

After I had Rayne I continued with college, only I was going to Community College and living with my parents. My 1.78 GPA skyrocketed to a 4.0! I changed my plans for Med school and decided to go into Social Work instead. I graduated with my Associates and went on to get my Bachelor's in Social Work. I was able to work part time while going to school full time. My parents, Rayne's father's parents, and my 2nd grade teacher all volunteered to watch Rayne while I was at school or at work. I then went on to get my Masters in Social Work, all with the help of my family and friends. I'm not sure I would have done all of this if I didn't get pregnant and have Rayne. She truly saved my life.

Here's Rayne with her bestfriend Jessie. They are two peas in a pod. The three of us are going into New York tomorrow to see Wicked, WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

This is a picture of Rayne and my mom. Rayne is the greatest. She truly is a good kid. She has always been a great student, always on the honor roll, never got in trouble. She started playing soccer when she was 4, as some of you know it is her sport. We are on the soccer field 12 months of the year. She's super sarcastic (wonder where she got that from!), funny, and a trip to be around.

Happy 15th Birthday Rayne, I LOVE YOU!!!!