Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 . . . Looking to 2009

1) Rang in the new year with Hilary and the kids, had a blast competing on Sing Star!
2) Hilary's divorce became final, not the greatest time in her life.
3) Moved back in with Hilary, September 2008.
4) Had gastric-bypass surgery in June 2008, have lost 108 pounds so far!
5) Autumn started theraputic horseback riding, loves it!
6) Took our annual trip to Kingswood, NY to camp for a week, then off to Great Wolf Lodge, PA!!!!

WIll add more later, too tired now!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Foster Care

It's been way too long since I have blogged. My life is so busy right now. I decided to save for a lap top primarily so I can sit in bed and blog!!!!

One of my life long friends is in crisis right now. In November through various circumstances she had her 2 children removed from her home by DYFS. One of the stipulations on getting them back home was fixing up her house. That is done. She has worked very hard, along with other church members and her boyfriend, and has gotten her house in tip-top shape.

She went to court Wednesday and DYFS found another loop hole to keep the kids in foster care. There are little things that make her not like the foster parent she is with, such as they are Muslim, her kids are Christians. Her youngest is not allowed to take a bath, they perfer a shower. Her youngest's hair is not being properly taken care of dispite the fact the foster mother is of African-American decent herself.

Her next court date is January 9th. We are praying they will be home. At court on Wednesday the paternal grandmother of the oldest child has come forward and wants to foster the 2 children. Her house is not in order, she has until this Tuesday to get the house ready. If not the children will stay where they are.

I have been led to step up in Christ. I have offered my house, uh well my sisters house to foster these children if they can't go to the paternal grandmother. I have also offered to provide supervision for visitation with the children. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I have been an adoption caseworker for over 8 years. Eight years ago I was a Parent Support Specialist for Easter Seals, my job was to prepare parents who had their kids taken away from them by DYFS, to reunite with them back in their homes, and then provide aftercare once the children were home.

I told my friend I will do what ever it takes. I will bring the kids on Christmas and spend time with them. I will open up my already chaotic house and foster these two.

Many people have already said I shouldn't. You see my sister and I are parenting 5 kids together already. Our lives are less-than calm. Often we are in chaos. But this is the thing, if my kids were taken away, I would pray that someone would step up and say . . . I'll take them. What would Jesus do? He would take them.

I have always had a heart for fostering. I know I will be a foster parent when Autumn is old enough to handle it. When my kids are older I will foster. Since I was a teenager the Lord has called me to foster. When I was 17 I dated a guy who was a foster child. He lived in a foster home with 3 other foster children. That's when I was first introduced to the system. It intreged me, and it pulled on my heart strings.

So in the very near future I might have 2 additional children! I was there at the youngest child's birth, she is the same age as Autumn. If I am chosen to foster these children I can't wait to give her a huge bubble bath!!!!! I love this family. Through this crisis we have once again become so much closer. I want to do what God wants me to do.

Please pray with me that these children come home safe and sound.