Monday, November 3, 2008

When our brain fails us

Today my dad, uncle, and aunt moved my grandmother into a retirement home. Over the past year her Alzheimer's has gotten progressively worse, the last two months have been very trying. My grandmother is an awesome woman, she lost her husband 15 years ago and has loved him everyday since he left. This past year I have had the privilege of assisting my grandma with a shower every week. It gave me great joy to help her in this way. She still knows who we are but I know that will change over time, I just hope it doesn't happen soon. She thinks it's 1971 some days, at one point she was looking for my grandpa. She often wonders out of her house, and ever since we told her she was moving to a retirement home she has thought her house was the retirement home. It's very sad. I'm going to visit her tomorrow . . . I love her.

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