Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday and other news

So today was a struggle but it ends better. Yesterday I was soooo sick. I think I'm not eating enough protein so I'm extremely weak and there is even evidence that my hair is begining to thin, not good. I'm not surprised, lately I have been extremely stressed with work and home and friends that I have been eating all the wrong things. Although I don't eat much I have discovered that I can eat "crap" in small amounts without short term nausea. Short term is the key word. In the long term I am getting extremely sick, feel like crap, and either need to lay down or puke:(, yuck. So anyway that is how I went to bed and that is how I woke up. I also woke up trying to wake Autumn up who was right next to me in bed. Her first words to me were, "I don't want to go to church". I ignored her and rolled her out of bed.

To my surprise Rayne was up showered and ready for church, praise God!!! She ended up going to church with my sister Jill to help teach Sunday school. For the next hour until it was time for us to leave for church all I heard was a whiny voice saying "I don't want to go to church" about 255 times from Autumn. Finally I had had enough. I screamed from the kitchen, "I understand you don't want to go to church but you know what, Jesus did not want to suffer and be slaughtered for us so many years ago but he did because he had to and loves you, so get your butt dressed so we can go praise God!" We ended up getting to church and praising God, and Autumn was very well behaved . . . God is good.

I then went to Rayne's soccer game. She is awesome. She scored the 1st goal in the first 5 minutes. With 5 minutes to go til the end of the game Rayne shot a courner kick and assisted another player in scoring again. The NJSA 04 Blaze won 2-0. She is captain and has really shown great progress on this new team. I however forgot how cold 53 degrees is. We have 3 tournaments in the next 3 weeks, I better invest in some long-johns!!!!!

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Danisha said...

Long underwear, long coat, long scarf, it's only gonna get colder!