Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lotion and a Weighted Blanket

So Autumn has hit a bump in the road. On Friday I received a call from her teacher stating that she had her head down the entire day and refused to take her spelling test. After school we left for Rayne's soccer tournament. We had a great weekend and Autumn was very well behaved. Of course I am not surprised she loves to travel and LOVES hotel rooms so of course she was all smiles. Sunday night we returned home and the wining and crying began . . . "I don't want to go to school!!!!"

Monday morning . . . the nightmare begins. She refused to wake up. I have to dress her like she's a two year old because she refuses to get dressed on her own. She cries the entire morning. Cries her way into the school building and managers to pull herself together enough to enter her class room.

On my way to work I prayed out loud. I asked the Holy Spirit to enter the class room and be with her and her teacher. Her teacher is a Christian so it makes me feel a little better know that I can call on some Divine power for him too!!!

Around 11:30am I received the dreaded phone call. Autumn was yet again refusing to do any work and instead of just having her head down she was now sitting on the floor refusing to move. All the other kids stepped over her and went to lunch. She refused to go to lunch. I explained to the teacher that I would not pick her up because that would be a reward for her. If it got any worse of course I would come but for now just let her sit. He agreed.

I picked her up at 3:30pm, we had a routine appointment with her psychiatrist which was a God sent. Autumn refused to talk to her doctor and went into the fetal position on the chair and covered herself with her coat. Her doctor is so great, smart, and knows how to handle Autumn. We discussed everything putting little bits of information into Autumn's head as she sat there and listened. We decided not to do any medication changes. She reminded me that Autumn has come so far and that this was a minor set back. She is so wise and I appreciate her so much.

I asked her doctor what do you do when a child is just plan oppositional when it comes to school and work. Basically her answer was this, you can not convince a child with ODD otherwise, it's best just to say, this is your job, it is the way life is, and you have to do it. I agree. Autumn does not respond well to "convincing", I'm going to use this. I have to go to work and so does Autumn, it's the way it is.

When we got home she was crying, spitting, drooling, and whining because she could not watch TV. I sent her down stairs explaining she made that choice by not behaving today. We went into my bedroom and I asked her to change into her pajamas, before she put them on I lay ed her down and gave her a massage to her arms and legs with sweet smelling lotion.

Instantly her mood changed. She stopped crying, dried off her face, and relaxed her muscles. It was amazing. I put two big pillows on the floor, she laid on her stomach and I put her beautiful weighted blanket I had hand-made for her last year on her body.

We then proceeded to complete all her work she refused to do that day. I wrote down most of her answers as she orally gave them to me.
It's a rough road but we got through it. Autumn woke up in a great mood and she asked for another lotion massage. I complied!!!! We walked into school with a smile. God is so good, and we rejoiced this morning as He gave us a new beginning!!!


Amy P. said...

This is so amazing!! God really is so good! Congrats on the past 24hrs! Here's to another 24!

Christine said...

This gave me lots to think about. While I personally do not agree with doing the lotion and weighted blanket thing each and everytime (I'm not saying you do either), I do think it is our job as parents to help our child work through their issues. I can see how this was relaxing for Autumn and I can see how she witnessed your love when she was undeserving of it by her attitude. You are a good Mom!