Friday, October 17, 2008

Flashback Friday

So I am so busy at work that I hardly get to blog, seems like Flashback Friday is all I can handle right now!!!!

The year: 1997

Who: Trouwbottom as "Larry the Cucumber" and Sarah as "Bob the Tomato"

Why: We are the directors of Vacation Bible School and our program is Veggie Tales and who doesn't love dressing up as huge vegtables anyway?????

Friday, October 10, 2008

Flashback Friday

It is Fall 2006, this is my friend Evan!!!! He has just been placed in the home of my great friend Jim and his partner Paul. Evan, his twin brother Eric, and his little brother Freddie were removed from their home in 2005. The were age 12 and 8. After a year of foster homes and shelters the boys ended up in the home with Jim and Paul who were looking for a foster-to-adopt situation. Well on October 16, 2007 the boys were officially adopted!!!! They have a forever family now and are doing great. I can't believe it has been over 2 years since I met these boys. I love them and will hopefully be in their lives forever. Oh yeah I just remembered I will be in their lives forever because Jim and I have "arranged" Evan and Rayne's wedding. They have dated, you know, and although they are not together anymore we know that in a decade or so Jim and I will be walking Rayne down the aisle!!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

AAAAHHHH Another Diagnosis!!!!!

So as many of you know Autumn has many diagnosis'. Three to be exact. Currently she is diagnosed with:

1) ADHD (Attention Deficite Hyperactivity Disorder)

2) ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)

3) PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developemtal Delay- Not Otherwise Specified)

Well at her private Occupational therapy session last week her therapist pulled me aside and said she suspects Autumn has an Auditory Processing Disorder. It makes sense and the more I research it the more it fits but please another diagnosis???? I'm tired and Autumn is starting to crack under the pressure of this transitional time of year (school, therapies, etc). I've already gotten 2 phone calls from school, she has failed 3 tests, and she HATES going to theraputic horseback riding now (and if you know Autumn horses are her favorite thing so it must be stressful!).

Yesterday we went for a Speech evaluation to see if Auditory Processing Disorder is a possibility. She hated it, refused to cooperate, and cried in the beginning. Afterward I asked her if she could have done better and she admitted "yes". Homework is crazy, I hate it and the accomodations are not coming fast enough for her. Third grade is going to be a challenge! We have her 504 meeting this month and I need to be armed with all my data so I can fight for what she needs. I hate fighting but God has blessed me with this role of advocacy.

The next step is to get Autumn evaluated by an Audiologist to get a diagnosis of APD. The speech therapist wants to see her for therapy every week, that's great but I don't know if Autumn can take more therapy. This is our schedule for the week including my nephews since we live with them:

Monday: Occupational Therapy (Autumn) 6pm; Soccer Game (Rayne) 3:45pm; Piano (Rayne) 7:30pm

Tuesday: Soccer Practice (Rayne) 3:45pm; Dinner at grandma's; Baseball Practice (Aedan) 5:30pm; Bible Study (Me) 6:30pm

Wednesday: Soccer Game (Rayne) 4:30pm

Thursday: Soccer Practice (Rayne) 3:45pm; Theraputic Horseback Riding (Autumn) 5:45pm

Friday: Baseball Game (Aedan) 5:30pm; Soccer game (Rayne) 4:00pm

Saturday: Gymnastics (Autumn, Teddy, Riley) 10:30am

Sunday: Church 9:45a; Soccer game (Rayne) 3pm

So you see our schedule is packed, Autumn is on overload. Now I have to add speech therapy on to this????? I don't know if I can do it, or more importantly if Autumn can do it. Some things have to change, I just hope I have the courage to change them!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Flashback Friday

This is the year that my best friend Sarah and I were 'travelooooors' as we put it. It was 2003 and Bob Guiney was "The Bachelor". Sarah and I are total reality show freaks (please don't judge, it is our escape from OUR reality!). And this season we loved "The Bachelor", and yes you are seeing right, we actually got to meet him, here is how it went!

So Sarah and I were going to California to visit our friends Crystal and Dan, we had an early flight so we were at the Newark airport at some ungodly hour. We were starving because we didn't have time to eat breakfast yet. We checked in and were entering the terminal where our gate was and we decided to grab a bite to eat. As we entered the store a tall fellow passed us, Sarah and I both turned to each other and said . . ."I think that was Bob the Bachelor!". "We HAVE to go meet him!", we forgot about our breakfast and started to follow him, we were like 2 7th grade girls, giggling and running around!

Let me put this into perspective for all who think we are crazy, "The Bachelor" was one of the hottest reality shows back in the day, "Bob" was the current "Bachelor", he had just picked who he wanted to marry, we actually had the episode taped and in our luggage to watch in California, this was a big deal for us!!!! So we approached him, he was much cuter in person. He was great, happens he was on his way to see Oprah in Chicago! We took a few pictures and then boarded our plane. We never did eat breakfast that day!!!!

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