Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our large family- who knew?

So I am addicted to reading blogs about large families, it fascinates me, then I realized I am a blogger with a large family! Who knew????!!! In June 2008 I moved back with my sister who is going through a divorce. Together, my sister and I, raise 5 children. Here is the breakdown:

Rayne- age 14- 9th grade- soccer star- piano/clarinet player- artist- too cool
Aedan- age 9- 4th grade- baseball star- basketball star- sports fanatic
Autumn- age 9- 3rd grade- horse lover- gymnast- artist- ADHD- ODD- PDD-NOS
Teddy- age 8- 3rd grade- bird lover- gymnast- momma's boy- singer- music lover
Riley- age 3- pre-K- gymnast- boss- colorer extraordinaire

Our days are crazy, our nights are even more crazy. Our weekly schedule is a mess. But Hilary and I are a great team. We are raising our kids together and we love it!

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Anonymous said...

WOOOOHOOOOO for big families!!!