Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's with the name?

A couple of people have asked me . . . What's with the name??? If you know me, really know me you know Trouwbottom is not my name but Trouwborst is. It all started when my daughter Rayne's friend called her Trouwbottom. It's been so long now that I forget if it was on her MySpace page, or in person but I heard it and it stuck. I mean don't you think Trouwbottom is a lot cooler than Trouwborst??? No one can pronounce Trouwborst, they butcher it and those who know how to pronounce it mess it up to infuriate me anyway! So now I go by Trouwbottom, which is super cool and according to my daughter and all her teenage friends I am a super cool mom! So although I have not legally changed my name to Trouwbottom I will answer to it and who knows someday when I have an extra $1000.00 laying around I just might change it, Rayne needs a 4th birth certificate anyway! (long story for another blog!)

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twyska said...

I like the name too--very cool.