Friday, July 18, 2008

Autumn's Ride

Autumn had an awesome time at horseback riding on Wednesday. This is her second 8 week session with SPUR (Special People United to Ride). She has therapeutic riding 1x per week for 1/2 hour. The nice part about this session is that it's at 7pm on Wednesdays and there is only 1 other girl riding at that time. Basically Autumn has this huge indoor arena, a 20 stall barn and acres and acres of land to herself! This session she got a new horse Berry (see him on the left)! He is so handsome and a great horse.
This week Autumn cried and put up a fit when I told her we had to go to her lesson. It's a long day at camp and at night she just wants to chill out. We got to the barn 20 minutes early so she could adjust (last week we were rushed and it did not end happily). She got her helmet and belt on and then was able to read while waiting for her instructor and volunteers to come. One thing she is working on is saying hello to her volunteers, before she mounts the horse she needs to either say hello to John and Nancy or tell Tara (her instructor) 3 pieces of equipment on the horse. Well as you can imagine Autumn chose the equipment instead of the hello!
To my surprise 10 minutes into her lesson John took the lead off of Berry, Autumn was going to ride him all by herself! It made me grin from ear to ear, I can't imagine what it did for Autumn! Autumn then left the barn and took a ride with Berry all over the compound, even into the trail in the woods! Tara, Nancy, and John were all with her but she had total control over Berry! What an amazing night! After her lesson she groomed her horse which is also an accomplishment since last year she refused. I can't say enough about SPUR, it has given Autumn so much it's incredible!!!
P.S. I will post pictures of Autumn with Berry next week!

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